Social Sailing

If you want to use sailing to escape the stresses of the week or catch up with friends and family then what can be better than social sailing

With its three interlinked lakes Manor Park is a beautiful place to while away some quiet time or zip around in the breeze blowing out the cobwebs having a family ‘mini adventure’

A few of the members involved in Junior Sailing stay down for a picnic lunch on Saturdays then go out for a potter or blast depending on the conditions on a Saturday afternoon.

It means there is someone around in case of emergency or just to help pull a boat up the slip way and share a cuppa

Of course if someone wants to fire up a BBQ then all the better

During the week there are often one or two boats out enjoying the surroundings and with the patio suntrap you could be forgiven for thinking you were away on holiday!

So come on, this is your club, let’s make the very best use of it.

Boat Hire:

To hire a Club boat you must have RYA Level 2 and/or Chief Instructor’s or Senior Instructor’s or Training Principal agreement and be a full member or be any member taking part in organised training including race training

(‘Crew’ members cannot hire / helm club boats unless taking part in training at the time, neither can you helm a boat owned by yourself)

Topper, Tera, Coypu, Optimist, GP  £5 half day / £10-00 full day

Quba  £8 half day/ £15.00 full day

Quest / Bahia   £10.00 half day / £20-00 full day


See you out on the water.