Contacting Other Members

Here you can look up and contact Other Members on the Duty Rosta

  • Log into DutyMan as Normal
  • On the Top Menu Select ‘Directory’
  • You will see an alphabetical Grid at the top, by selecting the ‘First Name’ ‘Last Name’ options beneath, clicking on a letter will display all members with a first name or last name beginning with that letter.
  • Now if the member you are looking for is shown in the list below,, then click on their name
  • You will now see their email Address(s) and Phone Number(s) allowing you to call them if you wish or click on the small envelope adjacent to the email address and that will open a new email for you to send to them ( please note this only works if you use MS Outlook, if you use WebMail then copy & Paste it into a new message )

This is especially useful if you want to check for a duty swap or check if your team is all attending