Training at MPSC 2017

Dear All


Welcome to Manor Park SC – The ‘Family Friendly’ Club

Sailing continues to grow in popularity and we focus on making it a family inclusive activity. Sailing is something every one of all ages can enjoy, mums and son’s, fathers and daughters, grandparents and individual folk who enjoy the water and want to take up an active social sport.

There’s no need to travel miles to have fun and ‘be on holiday’ the opportunities are here on our 3 linked lakes at Kings Bromley.

We are making every effort to keep costs to minimum and make sailing an affordable life long sport.

Getting to the lakeside is down to you but once at MPSC we can assure you of first class training. We are an RYA affiliated club meaning all our training methods and safety procedures are carefully thought out and governed by the RYA (Royal Yachting Association.) All our instructors complete rigorous training programmes. Safety, Fun and Learning are our key words


We continue to attract people of all ages to sailing from 7yrs upward, with a focus on ‘This Girl Can’, ‘Women On the Water’ and ‘Family Sport for All’ for 2017. Our shared objective is to get people of all ages to try out sailing and carry it on in the future. That way we can secure funds from Sport England to help keep the costs for you down in the future by the provision of new equipment and facilities and grow our club membership

What we offer

We have very active Junior and Adult sections

Junior and Academy Sailing (actually for 7 to 18 year olds) takes place every Saturday from 0930 to 1230 from 15 April to 30 September and on Wednesday evenings from 1830 to 2100 from 10 May until 27 August.

This is a well established club – come along and see what goes on if you or your children have an interest in sailing.

These courses follow well established RYA Junior stage training, 1 – 2 -3 and 4. We have plenty of fun but sailing is also a character building and social sport which teaches young people far more than just how to sail a boat. Plenty of life skills are picked up along the way!

Academy refers to the more experienced confident sailors who are taken for more advanced sessions such as sailing faster double hander boats and racing in the larger of our three lakes, known as Saddlesall.

For adults and older teenagers / more skilled sailors / families we have a new selection of courses. These will comprise of 8 x 2-3 hour sessions generally with 2 students and one instructor or approved assistant in the boat following a clear short training exercise with everyone provided with buoyancy aids and a safety boat on hand at all times.

On the water sessions last about 50 minutes with briefings before and after to ensure the learning is safe and fun.

The course details are

Start Sailing (Level 1)

This covers; What to wear, how to rig a boat, how to sail across the wind (controlling your speed stopping and starting), sailing towards the wind and down the wind and how to turn round either in to or with the wind

At the end of this course you will be able to sail a shallow triangular course probably with no instructor in the boat (but on hand) and be able to come back to the shore.

Basic Skills (Level 2)

This is the next level where you can learn boat handling skills such as coming alongside a mooring or jetty, picking up a man over board. By the end of the course you will have a basic knowledge of sailing and be capable of sailing without an instructor in light winds

Better Skills (Level 3)

On completion of the course the successful sailor will be safety conscious and capable of sailing without an instructor on board in light to moderate conditions. Optional modules introduce things like sailing with spinnakers and trapezing or seamanship skills and racing.

Additional Modules

After Level 3 we offer specific courses to suit your interest such as Seamanship, Sailing with Spinnakers, Day Sailing Skills, Race Skills and Performance Sailing

Racing Skills

All students are encouraged to join in the club racing as it is a good way to improve overall sailing skills, although it is not compulsory, racing is a fantastic way to improve as well as have a huge amount of fun. We have novice friendly racing arranged for every Saturday afternoon

We can also offer specific Start Racing Course designed to give the confidence to take part in club racing in good conditions

So what does it cost? – Membership and session costs

Juniors Costs

Juniors can attend TWO sessions for the price of the session only, then must join to continue attending.

Junior membership is £44-00 and on Saturday each session cost £6-00 using a club boat and £4-00 with your own boat,

Wednesdays is £4-00 flat fee

Paid at sign on

Adults Costs

Taster Session

For Start Sailing (new sailors) we offer a taster session before joining for just £ 9-00 You have a go on the water to see if you like it before deciding to join the club.

To join the courses we need you to be a member of the club. The simplest way to do this is to take out Crew Membership which is £ 64-00 p.a.

(*Note* Crew membership allows the member to helm boats only whilst taking part in training courses. Outside of training the member is not allowed to helm any boats whether club owned or personally owned.)

Full Membership

Full membership costs £195-00 and is worth considering if you have a number of family members who will be sailing. Full membership covers two adults and two Under ’18s and also allows you to helm club boats (at rental cost) or helm your own boat – unlike ‘Crew’ membership that only allows you to crew boats, not helm (Unless taking part in a training course at the time).

Future Sessions

All sessions are £9-00 including boat hire, instruction and buoyancy aid

All courses take a minimum of 8 sessions to complete.

Pay in a lump some or at sign on for each session to suit your self.

We encourage you to buy a log book so you have a record of where you are up to and we can tailor the sessions to suit you. Log books cost £7-00


The sessions can be taken over the whole summer season which spans 28 weeks to the end of October, giving plenty of flexibility to allow for holidays and other commitments. Wednesday evenings can be a good catch up time or we adjust the sessions where possible.

Weekly Sessions

Saturday AM 0930 to 1230 – Juniors and Academy Sailors (starting 15th April)

Saturday PM 1330 to 1630 – Adult / Academy sailors / Family / Groups/ All Training and Racing (Starting 15th April)

Wednesday EVE 1830 to 2030 – All categories together Training and Racing (starting 3rd May)

Going Further

Having spent some weeks learning to sail and perhaps beginning to race then you can take your interest further by becoming a regular crew member for one of our racers. Alternatively joining the club as a full member and hiring a club boat or buying your own boat to sail just what you want when you want

Boats you will use


4 x Coypu – solid dinghy for instructor and 3 students to get the basics

2 x Optimist – ‘bath tub’ single hander for small juniors first solo try

6 x Tera – Sporty single hander for Juniors 7 to 9 or lighter weight

8 x Topper – Red hulled cigar shaped sporty boat for heavier Juniors

Adult / Academy

4 x Coypu- solid dinghy for instructor and 3 students to get the basics

4 x RS Quba – Blue sails – Academy / Adult race boat single and double hander’s

3 x RS Quest – large dinghy for adult and older Academy sailor training and racing

3 x Laser Bahia – large dinghy for adult and older Academy sailor training and racing

Want to sign up?

Please send an e-mail to or contact Gary or Amanda on 01283 713195 or visit the club any Saturday 1000 to1230

Our Open Day is on 13th May from 10-00 to 1630 when you can get on the water in a dinghy with one of our instructors to get a taste for the sport and have look round the club (1/2 hour on the water)

We look forward to seeing you in 2017!