Look cool in your MPSC clothing.

Don’t forget that you can purchase your very own MPSC clothing from our very special partner ‘Camouflage Cow’.

There’s a whole range of items to choose from, such as Waterproof Jackets, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Polo shirts, Gilets and caps.

There are samples of many of the available items on the clothes rack in the clubhouse, so feel free to try things on for sizing ideas – but please don’t take anything home as these are Samples only that were provided to myself from Ray, the owner of Camouflage Cow.

Obviously we’ll soon be going into the Autumn season, so maybe a hoodie could be a good idea? or a T-Shirt to remind all you Juniors of your fantastic season this year?

How about simply being able to strut your funky stuff around the club in your MPSC gear? – our recent new members might want to nail your colours to the mast with a lovely Polo shirt or a cap?

All the items are embroidered to order – and can even be personalised with a name/boat name/(almost) anything you want – so I always allow up to about 10 days for delivery and Ray is always contactable if you have any queries, so why not head over to the website here: Camouflage Cow MPSC and take a look at the items for sale.