Saturday racing rocks!

The all-new ‘Saturday Racing’ here at MPSC has been going really well since we introduced it back in May.

Loads of new names on the results sheets, loads of new winners names and – far more importantly – loads of smiles and fun being had by all.

Last Sunday was the best example yet – 10 boats with almost 20 people taking part. That’s 20 people that pretty much spent the whole day at the club after a lovely morning of either chatting on the patio or sailing / training – or both.
A few ‘Dads n lads’ having a great time together, a couple of Juniors giving it a go, Amelie showing Neil how it’s done in the Laser2000 and the two Daves (Jackson & Hawkins) just laughing their way through the day – It was absolutely brilliant to see.

The short race format appears to be really popular and certainly brings about some close racing throughout the field over the 25 minutes – definitely keeps you on your toes anyway with action going on all the time.
The longer 50 minute race offers a bit more in terms of endurance and is great for working out longer strategy and giving us even more time out on the water.

The whole of Saturday is turning into a fantastically sociable day to be honest – Juniors / Training in the morning, Racing in the afternoon and (weather permitting I guess) BBQs in the early evening.

MPSC is a great place to do your sailing and have a lot of family fun so put some racing onto your ticklist – we most definitely aren’t a bunch of Ben Ainslies (More like a bunch of Ben & Jerrys to be honest) so don’t be scared, give it a go.

There’s always someone around to explain what goes on but any of the training team can point you in the right direction of the likes of Dave Court, Neil Smith, Myself (Lee) if you want to just have a chat before you take te plunge.

Thanks so much to everyone thats had a go so far and has really bought the smiles and fun to racing at MPSC so far.