“WOW!” – here come the ladies!

This coming Saturday afternoon will see the first meeting of our all-new ‘Women On the Water’ (WOW!) initiative.

Emma will be the main point of contact on the day so will, doubtless, have everything running silky smooth 🙂

So, if you spot some confused looking Ladies around the club on Saturday, say Hello and ask if they’re here for Women On the Water…. then point them towards Emma or Amanda.

Of course, if there are any of our Manor Park ladies that fancy a look at what’s on offer – or if any of our female instructors / A.Is would  like to get involved – you are more than welcome.
In addition to sailing, there will be cake involved so that’s another good reason to come along and see what it’s all about.

If you fancy helping, email Emma at EDITOR@MPSC.CO.UK