Important notice: Sunday Racing.

The last few weeks we have been unable to put even 3 boats on the water for a club race. We have therefore decided to cancel Sunday racing with immediate effect as all we are doing is wasting the time of the good duty teams who have given up their Sunday mornings.

We’ll restart, as previously announced, on Saturday 6th May.

Several of us including the Commodore and the Vice Commodore have chatted about the best way to introduce this Saturday racing.

The main aim is to make the races more enjoyable for the majority and thus to increase participation. This requires flexibility to match the types, duration and courses of the races to the racers present on the day. We think this means keeping the first two races short, maybe a couple of handicaps lasting about 25 minutes each.

Following a break, a 50 minute race could then follow, or other variations. Radio contact between the OD in Saddlesall and Training in the Club House Lake would make it easy for other sailors from there to join in if they aren’t around for the earlier races…and there’s nothing to say that we can’t carry on well into the early evening given the available light during the Summer.
Different types of courses? maybe a little bit of team racing? – there are a lot of opportunities for a new, fresh approach to racing at MPSC.

Initially, the plan is for racing to take place after Junior sail, so starting in the early afternoon – which means you can get all of those pesky chores out of the way before heading to the club to come racing.This also gives people the chance to be at the club for the whole day, so bring barbecues and supplies and enjoy the club as it should be. Why not bring a tent? campervan? caravan and make a whole night of it?

Racing really is a fantastic way to improve your sailing and is actually really good fun – and a great measure of your progress. We think that these changes will allow more people to have a go at racing as well as creating a nice sociable atmosphere around the club – particularly during those long, balmy Summer days …

Quite how the results from each day’s races would be matched to the series’ trophies would be developed as we went along. But we would try to give all participants a ranking rather than just those who had participated in the qualifying number of races.

We aren’t planning any club races this year on bank holidays (Which doesn’t preclude anyone spending time taking part in some social sailing) but it has been suggested we might have some evening (Wednesday) races later in the year.

We’re quite excited by the opportunities that these changes offer and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible out on the water and spending your time on the lovely patio of our wonderful club.


Colin Reisner Sailing Secretary