A great weekend was had by all!

Well that was a cracking weekend for the Lightning368 sailors and a superb way to start the Travellers Grand Prix Series.

11 boats with a full day of training on Saturday which paid off for many on Sunday with some really good racing skills on display.
Started Sunday in a whisper of a breeze which built through race one into a gusty remainder of the day.
Sunshine, 20+ degrees….. an excellent weekend.

Thanks to all that helped out – particularly Richard, without whom Simon may not have actually got his boat back to Essex when his trolley disintigrated! (He also had a trailer tyre blow-out on the motorway going home)

Emma played a blinder and had it all organised so beautifully – Cheers ears, what would the class do without you?

I’m sure I saw Amanda taking notes during Robbie’s training sessions, so all you junior sailors out there should watch out for some interesting ideas coming up.

Thanks everyone, onward through the season then….lets have fun out there!

(Photos by Cheryl Shaw)