I’ve got those “Walkin’-Talkin’-oh-my-gosh-they’ve-grown!” Junior season blues!!

So, the new season is upon us and all the kit is ready, prepared and….. Oh. One look at the wetsuit and requisite child tells you: “Nooooooooo! they can’t have grown that much!!”

In anticipation of this annual issue called Growing-itis, I’ve found a couple of places where some new kit can be sourced at pretty good prices.

Good brand kids wetsuits for less than £30? Try here – I use these guys all the time and their delivery is really quick (and free at the moment) with a fuss-free returns policy, I highly recommend them: Wetsuit Outlet

Beyond the wetsuit, though, there’s nothing quite like having a bit more of your own kit – specifically your own Bouyancy aid. Imagine using your own, DRY B.A each week, as well as guaranteeing you’ll find one that fits….well, again, Wetsuit outlet come up trumps. A top-brand, 50 Newton Junior bouyancy aid for just over £20?? – go get it before they run out I say….there’s quite a selection here, with a choice of either Side or front zip models depending on your preference: Wetsuit Outlet Bouyancy Aids  A B.A should fit snugly without being uncomfortable, but not so loose that it can be pulled straight over your head whilst zipped up.

If they’ve sold out, there’s a pretty decent looking B.A available at Decathlon for just on £30 Decathlon Bouyancy Aid  …Lots of adjustment on this one, though it might incur delivery charge on top if you can’t get to a store to collect.

Purchasing kit can seem a big investment, but for some of you into your second (or third and beyond) season, it’s worth it in the long run just to have kit that only you have worn. Things like bouyancy aids can last a while as well, so whilst the wetsuits might get smaller as the kids grow, some stuff will see you through at least two or three seasons so should be seen as a good investment….. plus you’ll look pretty cool on the beach with your very own colour-cordinated gear. (What? …just me then? 🙂  )

Of course, even the more mature among us are always needing that extra rash top or new boots….. so why not check out the Wetsuit Outlet link above as well.

For those willing to spend a bit more on some high end stuff, I can also massively recommend The Wetsuit Centre  Probably aimed more towards the more serious end of the market, nonetheless I’ve had a couple of very good wetsuits from these guys and, again, the service is superb – PLUS, if you enter RYA10 into the promo code part at checkout, you’ll get 10% discount 😉

Do you have a Kit-checklist? Well, if you do then dig out your stuff and check it all over because right now is the time to get any replacements before they’re all out of your sizes/colours/styles etc.

Also, maybe more pertinent for the juniors, how about organising a Kit-Sale at the club at the start of the season?

Things like Shoes/Boots/Wetsuits/Rashies/Spraytops can always be sold on – so earning a little cash back to offset the new purchases.

So there you go…..excitement is building, new season is almost here, so grab your bags and pack your gear! – and a smile 😀

See you all soon.