On Your marks, Get set……help us get ready to GO!

Saturday 25th March is the working party day (two weeks time). This is the day to get things sorted at the club ready for the new season – grounds maintenance, cleaning club boats and checking that everything still works, club house and galley sorting, moving buoys… Lots of large and small jobs for everyone. It’s amazing what an hour or two from a large enough group can achieve. Arrive at 10 with gloves, work clothes, any tools you think we might need and loads of enthusiasm.

An opportunity to meet all of those people you’ve missed over the winter and catch-up over a cup of coffee and a shovel 🙂

Plenty of chances for everyone to get involved to get the club all ready for the Start of our fantastic Saturdays in 2017, so come on down and help as much as you can.

Remember, like the vast majority of sailing clubs in the UK, we’re a volunteer run organisation – there are no paid staff, no official employees etc so we’re hugely reliant on the good will of our members to help keep the club running smoothly.

I’m putting an order in for some nice weather too so who knows, it may even be a Shorts ‘n’ T-Shirt weekend… 😉