RYA recognise MPSC

Whilst on the outside, training at MPSC  offers us the chance to either hone our skills or take our first tentative steps in sailing as a sport, in the background a lot of work is always going on.

A great example of this hidden work are the very existence of our club Bahias, Q’bas and the new Quests. All of these boats came courtesy of some form of grant from various sporting bodies – either fully funded or part-funded.

These large grants come about through MPSC involving itself in a large variety of initiatives – and this has been recognised by the RYA themselves.

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A fantastic piece that, I think you’ll agree, shows that ‘training’ actually involves a bit more than turning up on Saturday morning to run some fantastic lessons.

Well done to Ed, Gary, Amanda, Keith and all of our wonderful training team of DI’s and AI’s that have helped to achieve this recognition.