Gifts for that special day that’s just over seven weeks away…

It’s November now. Apparently it’s official OK to talk about ‘that’ day…

If you’re looking for some gifts to add to Santa’s packing list then how about some MPSC club clothing?

With T-Shirts, Polo shirts, Hoodies, Beanies, Fleeces and even towels and neck warmers, go to ‘Wave Clothing’ on this link: MPSC Clothing

Personalisation is available on most of the products, with some also able to have backprints added from the ‘Boat Print’ list too. If the list doesn’t have the class of boat that you sail, a good quality photo can be sent to the guys at ‘Wave’ and they’ll make up a sketch style print for you , just as Andy & Jude found out (Order a ‘Laser Stratos’ backprint and it’s Jude & Andy that you’ll be wearing!)

As a guide, simple, non personalised, non back printed items usually arrive in around a week. Allow up to 10-working days if you’re ordering the full monty (Personalised front with backprint)

The description of ‘fitted’ for the T-Shirts should be remembered…they are quite, um, ‘Slinky’ so for those that may be intending to over indulge during the festivities, you might want to go up at least a size! (A small fits me in a nice ‘fitted’ kind of way and I’m a lanky, 6ft tall beanpole)

The fleeces are a little on the larger size – not too much, just enough to allow for a few extra layers underneath so ok to stick with whatever you’d normally go with.

Lots of choices, lots of colours and some great little gifts to add to those stockings.