Sunday Racing as Usual This Weekend

I just wanted to drop you a note about this Sundays Racing


You may be aware that the Model Yacht Club are holding a round of the Marblehead championships this weekend at the club, this is a very prestigious event for them and attract a large number of competitors from all over the country .

 As a result, the Club will be very busy with a full carpark and part of the beech.

 That said, we will still be holding our normal racing in SaddleSal.

  • Can you please give a wide berth when passing the Model Yacht Race area ( in front of the headland )
  • Return your trolleys back to their births too so help avoid any trips and falls.
  • Car Parking will be at a premium, you may need to use the fisherman’s car park if there is no room.

 Finally, we need a Power Boat Driver for this and next Sunday, if you are able to assist then please drop me a line ?

Kind Regards

Racing Sec.