Welcome to all of our recent new members!

<Phew!> Its been a hectic time at the club recently and it seems like the right time to offer up a big “Welcome” to all of our recent new members.

Following the open day and the continued success of our Saturday sessions, we’ve seen a lot of people decide to make Manor Park their choice for either their first steps or continued steps in our fantastic sport.

It can be quite daunting when we first join a club – everyone seems to know one another, we’re unsure who’s who and where to go, yep, I’ve certainly been there so I know the feeling well.

However, everyone is pretty laid-back and friendly, so just say Hello or ask anyone that vaguely looks as though they know what they’re doing if you have any queries….and, of course, if any regular members spot someone looking a little confused or lost (…and it’s not actually me after a night out!) then introduce yourself with a kind curtsy (just kidding!) and see if you can help, or just start chatting. It’s amazing how far a few friendly words can go to make people feel welcome.

So, again, a big ‘Welcome to Manor Park!’ to all of our latest members.

A superb opportunity to get to know a few people would be our Summer social event ‘Party in the Park’ on June the 20th.

There are details about this event on a post below, suffice to say that it’s free and all that’s required is you, maybe some friends, your barbecues and food/drink supplies…maybe even a tent.

Read the post below and see what you think.

If you fancy it and have any questions, the lovely Emma is happy to be both your point of contact and hostess on the night (just make sure you catch her early before the Gin kicks in! 😉  )

Get in touch with her on editor@mpsc.co.uk