Party in the Park

Picture the scene….. the sun is just beginning to lower in the sky, glistening across the sparkling waters of the lake, moored boats gently bobbing, Sonia telling Jo “It weren’t me…” 🙂

Yes, Saturday 20th of June is ‘Party in the Park’ night – a grand title for something ultimately quite simple: A lovely social gathering!

Bring your barbecues, cool boxes, drinks, candles and candelabras and simply enjoy the beach and the evening in the company of the good folk of Manor Park SC.

It’s all free, so why not bring some friends and family along, how about camping over and joining in with sailing / racing on the Sunday?

You could even make a whole day of it – sail during the day on Saturday, chill out on the patio, do some more sailing and then setup on the beach for the evening – it’s entirely up to you 🙂

‘Party in the Park’ is just a really nice Summer social, so grab your party packs and groovy shades and meet down on the beach from about 630pm onwards.

Oooh I can picture it now, the sizzle of sausages, the waft of charcoaled burgers, the distraught, slo-mo cries of “Nnooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!” as I spill my Stella (Other strong continental lagers are available)……Come on, it will be great to see everyone out of your wetsuits!