Welcome Toppers!

This weekend we welcome the Topper fleet who will be with us for  a whole weekend of Top Topper fun

On Saturday, the fleet will be holding a coaching day, so expect the clubhouse to be in use quite heavily as well as the lakes being pretty full of Toppers screeching around showing us all how it’s done.

That will be for most of the day on Saturday.

On Sunday, it’s Race day…. a round of the Midlands Traveller Series.

This will be a great event to watch or even assist with. Don’t forget, this is where many of the country’s top sailors have come from, all the way from Oppies and Toppers up to the Olympics and the America’s Cup. Who knows, there may be a future Olympian amongst this group so why not come and support them all along the way.

As a result, there’ll be no club racing on Sunday.We are expecting a good turnout and we’ll have as many patrol boats / assistants as we can possibly have out on the water and ashore to help with the smooth running of the event.

In addition, the car park and beach area will both be quite busy at times.

At the moment, the forecast is looking ‘lively’ so expect to see some quite full-on Topper action 🙂