An actual shop? Where we can go and try stuff on?

It’s true! There’s an actual proper shop where you can try stuff on before you buy it! – what a novel idea huh?

‘Hartley Boats’, in Derby, have a well-stocked on-site chandlery and yes, you can go up there and try things on.

So, for everyone thinking about some kit for the new season take a look on the link below. Of course, they’re Online as well but Derby isn’t too far away and Hartleys aren’t too difficult to find either, so could be worth a visit to check out what’s in store.

Hartleys are also one of the biggest boat building companies in the UK …and they’re very very good salesmen too so you might go in for a rash top but come out with a brand-new Supernova if you’re not careful! It does mean, though, that in addition to all that funky new clobber, there’s a good range of boat bits that you can actually look at and see if it’s right before you buy!

I tell you what, this ‘shop’ thing might just catch on huh? 🙂