Sailing is cool! – tell your friends :-)

This year, we’re combining our early season Open Day with the RYA initiative called ‘Push the boat out’

The aim is to connect our club with the local community and show people just how accessible our sport actually is…and just how easy it is for people to simply have a go.

Now, we’re already registered for the event, so no-one nees to do that, but take a look at the ‘Push the boat out’ site and click around the various links to get an idea of what we’re trying to do. If anyone can help out, then let Emma know by emailing

We’re holding our ‘Push the boat out’ day on Saturday May 9th, so get the date into your diary – and let your friends and family know by sharing  the links.

Look, we’re even on the BBC page 🙂 …Oooh, who’s that handsome beast in the gorgeous pink Lightning?