“It’s all about the Boat, ’bout the Boat, no trouble!” – Bums in Boats…

 “Bums in Boats”

It’s all about the Boat, ’bout the Boat, no Trouble

We all know the song. What we would like to know is how to convince those of you who are in the ‘might sail’ camp to become ‘will sail in 2015.’ Perhaps better put as “how do we convert Bums on Shore to Bums in Boats?”

Sailing is not such an easy hobby. We get you to sit on a wobbly boat, floating on dark deep water, tell you to watch your head, lean out, swap sides, pull on a rope – “no, not that one the other blue one, don’t trip on all the other ropes, mind you head on that metal bar that swings over in an instant, look out for other boats but keep you head down”, use a bunch of words that mean nothing, talk about fluky winds that catch even the best of us out, then when you get on the helm push a stick with a hinge in the middle of it and swap the ropes behind your back while holding your thumb to your bum. Oh and once you have got a grain of confidence we tip you out of the boat into the water and tell you not to get trapped but help us get back in first then we might drag you back in and start all over again

So there we are, I wonder why more people don’t sail?

What we want to do is try and eliminate some of the above by taking you out in larger very stable boats, simply rigged so you can get the basis sorted without too many barriers to learning.

From your side you only need a slightly positive attitude to get in to a boat and hopefully all the plus points we know about sailing will outweigh your real or imagined concerns

So what about the boats?  Our Coypus are getting old and will need replacing. We love their stability and ease of use, trouble is they don’t make them anymore.  A life line is The National Lottery and more specifically Sport England Small Grants – up to £10,000-00 for equipment to encourage people who have not sailed or don’t take any regular exercise to get in to sailing.  I want to put a grant application together but what I need is bums on seats – or the promise of bums in boats.

My target market sectors are

  • Junior Parents – come on sign up and have a go!
  • Burton Venture Trust Parents – we are working more closely with BVT and their outreach in in to the wider Burton area
  • Active Over 50’s – that probably means all our normal members get their friends or family to commit to a sailing taster in 2015.
  • Scouts and their Parents – a big source of members in the past that needs to be re- kindled
  • Maybe a couple of local schools – any connections out there?

Please let me know if you can commit to learning to sail, or know others who can.

If you fancy knowing a bit more about sailing and what it’s like to learn, why not track down a few of the people who managed to get out (and in) the water for the first time last year? – I’m sure Eileen and Andrew in particular would have a good chat with you (Mind you, Eileen might then encourage you into an 18-foot skiff with her and Emma (Check youtube!!) so be warned 🙂  )

MPSC is a superb place to take those first steps so help us help you – and your club. For any more info or questions, contact me at training@mpsc.co.uk

Gary Robertson, Training Principal