“And the winner of best matching outfit and boat combo is…….”

A reminder of our upcoming Awards/Social night:
Winter Social including awards night – Saturday 7th February

Half-way between the Christmas parties and the start of the training series, the winter social is a chance to get everyone back together in the clubhouse for an informal, fun and free evening.

Mitch Salomonson has prepared some fun quiz sheets for the tables (optional participation but there will be prizes!) I think one is a picture sheet; another may involve anagrams or initials, great for all ages and skill level.
Please feel free to bring the whole family and some friends.

We are going to try an American Buffet, where we ask everyone to bring some food to share and bring your own drinks.

I (Emma) will help coordinate food so we don’t end up with a mountain of sausage rolls and nothing else.
The main coordination will be through Facebook, or you can email me on editor@mpsc.co.uk to say if you are coming and to give me an idea of what you are bringing (main dish, snacks/side dish/salad etc., pudding). This will also be our awards night, a chance to celebrate 2014.