America’s Cup World Series – 2015

Remember the fantastic America’s Cup event last year? Remember just how spectacular it was? – 72 foot foiling catamarans doing 50mph?

Well, it’s recently been announced that the next America’s Cup series will, again, be in foiling cats – so likely to be just as spectacular.

However, this time around, there are also smaller events that the entered America’s Cup teams have to take part in during the lead-up to the main event…….and it’s called the “America’s Cup World Series”.

Using 45 foot, foiling cats, teams will compete at events around the world in order to muster points towards the finals.

One of these events will take place in Portsmouth, next July (23rd/24th/25th/26th) – 23rd and 24th are practice days, with two races per day taking place on the 25th and 26th.

With a race village being setup to provide entertainment throughout the event, this will surely become one massive festival of sailing – and one that will just be a huge amount of fun!

Racing close to the shore, huge foiling cats travelling at ludicrous speeds and featuring the very best sailors in the world – this will be Rock ‘n’ Roll sailing at it’s very very best.

If you fancy going, then look for hotels in Portsmouth/Havant/Gosport/Fareham/Emsworth/Hayling Island…..or camp sites in the same areas.

A word of warning though…hotels are already at a premium (I booked the last room in one place in Portsmouth yesterday) so get looking and booking as soon as you possibly can.

Why not see if we can put an MPSC group together for the event?

As a reminder of just how good the America’s Cup was:

More info about the Portsmouth event:

Hotels in the area: (Search Portsmouth/Gosport/Southsea/Fareham/Havant/Hayling Island)

Camp Sites: