What a bash!

Well, it’s been just over a week now, but “Bart’s Bash” proved to be a spectacularly wonderful day.

Sunshine, nice enough breeze for everyone from Juniors to hardened racers to have fun…..and no fewer than 44 registered boats on the startline!! There were more, but a few forgot to register on the race computer on the morning, so we think we saw 50 boats actually taking part – which was more than some of the bigger clubs around the country, so well done to everyone.

I’ll say that again – FIFTY! – which made getting through the gap quite entertaining I can tell you.

Anyway, we were hoping to have some World Wide results by now, but the Bart’s Bash computers have been bought to their knees in trying to process the results from well over 2000 clubs around the planet, so I’m afraid we can’t bring you any updates as to how we’ve all done – and it looks like it could be quite a while yet.

There were a lot of administrative duties to conform with in order to satisfy the Guinness World Record organisation and all clubs entered had to provide a ‘package of proof’ that will also be required to be verified…..so a very long process, but a lot of fun was had on the day that I think everyone that took part can agree with.

We raised several hundreds of pounds for the Andrew Simpson Foundation too, so a great addition to the funds courtesy of the lovely people of Manor Park.

As soon as we have updates on results we’ll let you know, but in the meantime thankyou to everyone that came down to the club on the day and created the most fantastic atmosphere – and a massive thanks to Emma for actually organising it all for us 🙂