Keep your speed down!

There have been a few incidents of very excessive speed on both the driveway and car park at the club during the last couple of weeks.

It seems blindingly obvious to most of us that these areas hold many potential hazards to both drivers and pedestrians – however there are some that seem to be completely oblivious to these and consider the area to be an extension of the main road.

With several storage containers, often containing people – many of them children -retrieving boat parts / sails etc, blind corners/crossings and a loose surface track that won’t see your ‘normal’ stopping distances (remember those?) the Manor Park SC grounds should be driven on with extreme care. Again, blindingly obvious to the vast majority of us but seemingly not to some.

There is, in fact, a strict 10mph speed limit on the grounds. Don’t forget that we have Scouts and Guides groups onsite as well as our own sailing people.

If incidents of speeding / dangerous driving are noted then we will not hesitate to instruct those drivers to park on the top car park and walk to the club along the driveway and not to bring their vehicle passed the sailing club gate in future – we will not tolerate bad and dangerous driving on our grounds.

The ramifications of any accident should be incredibly obvious.