A massive massive thankyou to everyone at the club that helped with the Lightning event over the weekend.

Yet again, MPSC showed why it’s the first club on the Lightning calender every year – so friendly, so helpful and so very welcoming to all of our visitors.
Some individual thanks: To Dave Norris and his crack team for managing both the Lightnings and Club races in such an innovative way and for giving us some excellent courses that made the most of both the wind and the lake itself (Oh my, Saddlesall feels so much bigger now with the new marks!)

To the rescue team that gave sterling support when required – I hope we were at least entertaining!

To David Jackson and Neill Smith for amazing galley support on Sunday and for helping the late-arriving Ian rig his Lightning to get him out in time to reach the first start.

To Connor Shenton for the loan of his boat so we could get Robbie out on the water. Despite the hole in the hull he nearly won the event in the oldest currently active Lightning.

To Emma Dodd who organised the whole thing with precision and aplomb.

To Alex Shaw for providing us with some ace photos and who must have been beside himself with jealousy given the superb (challenging) conditions!

The thing is, whether you were there or not, what came through was the overall ethos of MPSC itself – a simply fantastic club both on and off the water. We should always remember this and be very proud of what the club has achieved and created over the last 30 or so years of existence.

….I’m sure there are more but I’ll stop whilst I think I’m ahead!

Again, though, just a big big thankyou to all at MPSC from both myself, Emma and the Lightning368 class association -we had a fantastic weekend.


New kit? – 25% discount?…then read on

Dave Harvey from ‘GUL’ will be visiting the club from 9am to 1pm on Saturday 23rd of April.

He will be selling a range of ‘GUL’ Wetsuits, bouyancy aids, spray tops, sailing gloves and boots – mainly in children’s sizes and selling at 25% discount.

A great chance to actually see clothing in the flesh and actually try on before purchase.

So, if any new/replacement kit is required for your upcoming junior season then come along to take a look.

Please note that this will be a cash only offer.

For any further details, contact John Salomonson on 07427 467177 or email JWS61@BTINTERNET.COM


Get ready for Lightning…

No, not the weather kind (although…..) , the sailing dinghy kind.

Yes, this weekend sees the Lightning368 class arriving for what has become an annual visit to MPSC.

In fact, this year sees the class opening the entire 2016 Lightning368 Grand Prix season with us and will be here for two days. Saturday will see a class training day with Sunday being race day with three races during the course of the day.

With visitors arriving from all over the country, there’ll be quite a few boats & trailers in the car park from Saturday morning, with a few more arrivals likely on Sunday morning.

The Lightnings love coming to MPSC and always comment on how friendly and helpful everyone is.

In fact, the class itself is a supremely friendly one too, so if anyone is interested in the boats then don’t hesitate to come and have a nose around – we might even get you into a boat if you fancy it on Saturday, so maybe bring some kit just in case.

Sunday will be run alongside normal club racing and will feature separate starts for club / Lightning fleets, so it might be worth everyone attending the race briefing just to be clear. As an aside, we’ve put brand new, bright yellow marks in the lake now and there’s 9 ….not 8!

If you’re not sailing but want to see what ‘Open’ level racing looks like, then come down anyway.

These type of events raise the profile of  MPSC and have always been commented on positively by the classes that have held events with us.

This year sees several high profile events: Lightning368s, Toppers, GP14s and (provisionally) Merlin Rockets all coming to try their luck out in Saddlesall during 2016.

With Junior sail setup day also taking place on Saturday morning the club will surely be abuzz with activity so why not just come down and either soak it all up or volunteer for any help that might be needed.

On Saturday evening, the Lightning guys & ladies will be heading over to the Olde Peculiar for beer and dinner – it’s only just up the road from the club in Armitage so why not join us as we open our 2016 season in style.