This Saturday – ‘Party in the Park’

This Saturday sees two events on the MPSC calendar – the MPSC RNLI race and our evening beach party ‘Party in the Park’

The RNLI race format is still being formulated, but rest assured that there will be some ‘interesting’ ways of winning this one.
The race is intended to raise funds for the RNLI – remember, this organisation relies fully on donations from the public – so there will be an entry fee. The race is intended to be a fun event in the same way that so many enjoyed the ‘Commodores Cup’ recently so grab some teammates and start your planning! Everyone is welcome from novices to not-so-novice….in fact, I’d wager that there’ll be a hefty weighting towards the ‘novices’ results 😉

Following this we want as many people as possible to stay on at the club, fire up your barbecues and enjoy some music, some games and just some general Summery laziness on the beach for ‘Party in the Park’

Emma has a couple of wicked games to have a go at that could prove very entertaining!

Of course, with the very long daylight hours, you could always indulge in some late afternoon/early evening sailing too. Cruising the lake at sunset? – (only before you’ve indulged in any party-juice of course!)

Why not bring a tent? Campervan? Caravan? Bivvy Bag? ….stay over and experience night time at MPSC, maybe a bit of social sailing on Sunday as well?

It’s sort of set to kick off from about 6pm, but don’t be too precious about that, just come down with friends, family, a smile and your happy feet and spend a beautiful Summer evening with your sailing pals – and, maybe, meeting new ones!



Good luck Josie!

You may have wondered why Josie Crane, one of our young Dinghy Instructors, isn’t at MPSC at the moment…’s because she’s in America!
Yep, as proof of how the world can open up once you qualify as a ‘D.I’ , Josie has landed the role of ‘Head of Sail’ at KMKW Summer Camp in Connecticut, USA!

Of course, we’re all going to miss you being around Josie, but are wishing you all the best for what will doubtless be an adventure of a lifetime. A great reward for all your work, Well done from all of us and we’re looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing you again when you get back!

Have fun and we hope to see you soon.

So there you go guys, become a ‘D.I’ and the world could very well become your Oyster…. Summer Camps, Beachclubs, Sailing Centres…’s all there waiting for you.
Obviously none of these places are as glam as MPSC, we know that, but why not start digging out some info for next year?


It’s a 2000 takeover!

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but there has been a growth in the number of Laser2000’s at MPSC during the last couple of months or so and we now have 6 of these superb boats regularly taking to the water be it cruising or racing.

That’s a really healthy number of any boat to have at the club and allows for owners to be able to compare setups, share tips and go sailing together as a fleet. In addition, there could also be a ‘Laser2000 Fleet’ within the regular racing.

So, if you own one of these or are thinking of buying one, search out a fellow 2000 sailor and get together with the other owners to see what might be possible.