Fancy a great race result?…or just a great weekend?

….well get to the club on Sunday – with plenty of regulars away for the weekend (or longer!) there’s every chance of a sneaky win, so come on – take advantage :-)

The weather isn’t looking too bad and a decent breeze forecast for Sunday so why not spend the day out on the water in pursuit of that elusive win?

Bring the family, a barbecue – even a tent! In fact, why not simply make the most of a promising bank holiday weekend?

Practice on Saturday – sort out settings (or, like me, just stand around your boat wearing the furrowed brow of someone that’s good at looking like they know what they’re doing :-D) Go up and see the Model Yachters, take a look at the amazing little boats – they’re truly awesome. Who knows, you might be able to have a go.

A 3-day weekend, decent weather, three lakes to play on and a patio that has ‘barbecue’ written all over it…..what’s not to like?

Better than being stuck in traffic on the way to the garden centre?

Come on, lets go sailing :-D :-D :-D


Open Day – this Saturday.

If it’s May, then it must be ‘Open Day’ time :-)

This coming Saturday we’re holding our ‘Open Day / Push the Boat out’ event.

Aiming to introduce people to the club, the members and sailing in general this is always a great opportunity to show off our club and our sport to a whole range of new people.

We also try to get people out on the water – weather dependent – for a quick sailing experience and, perhaps, trips around the lakes in one of the powerboats.

The day is scheduled to take place from 10am to 3pm and all help is most welcome.

For any more info or offers of help, email Emma at and she’ll try and answer any queries.

Either that or simply turn up on Saturday morning.

It’s always a nice day, talking to people interested in sailing – you’ll soon understand that you know more than you think :-)