Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go….

Yes is that time of year again: “Work party day”

This is a chance to get the club all spruced up, clear away some of the detritus that has gathered over the Winter and assist with the redecorating/repair work to the clubhouse that are currently ongoing.

There’s always plenty to do, but it would be especially good if we had volunteers to help with the decorating/painting/repairs. There’s also usually some groundworks to do – repairs to posts/ropes/cleaning & tidying in the boat park etc

So, come on down to the club for around 9/930am next Saturday (21st March) armed with work clothes, gloves, a smile and maybe a paint brush…..I’m sure we’ll find a few tasks for you.

Early spring is always a great time to get the club spick & span and ready for the time of year when you’ll be wanting to bring friends to the patio for those lazy summer barbecues, we can’t do it without your help.


An actual shop? Where we can go and try stuff on?

It’s true! There’s an actual proper shop where you can try stuff on before you buy it! – what a novel idea huh?

‘Hartley Boats’, in Derby, have a well-stocked on-site chandlery and yes, you can go up there and try things on.

So, for everyone thinking about some kit for the new season take a look on the link below. Of course, they’re Online as well but Derby isn’t too far away and Hartleys aren’t too difficult to find either, so could be worth a visit to check out what’s in store.

Hartleys are also one of the biggest boat building companies in the UK …and they’re very very good salesmen too so you might go in for a rash top but come out with a brand-new Supernova if you’re not careful! It does mean, though, that in addition to all that funky new clobber, there’s a good range of boat bits that you can actually look at and see if it’s right before you buy!

I tell you what, this ‘shop’ thing might just catch on huh? :-)


Boats that fly??? – Oh yeah!… Americas Cup World Series tickets and an MPSC day out.

Wow! …. 45 foot foiling catamarans, racing close to shore and featuring the very best sailors in the world – including Sir Ben Ainslie, James Spithill, Ian Percy and Frank Cammas. What’s not to like there huh?

Welcome to the Americas Cup World Series :-)


This really is going to be a spectacular event down on the South Coast in Portsmouth and you could be there as tickets are now on sale!

Actually, you can get FREE tickets – no catch, just go to the website (Links below) and ‘purchase’ your free tickets (Waterside Arena) for each of the four days (July 23rd to 26th). Alternatively, you can pay for ‘Fanzone’ tickets and/or ‘Fanzone plus Grandstand’…..or a mix of all of these (We’ve already bought two days worth of free tickets and one day of ‘Fanzone plus Grandstand’ for example)

“But Lee, what’s this whole thing all about?” I hear you shout? (Sonia mainly to be honest, but I can also hear some more of you out there ;-) ) ….well check out this link and go explore – but come back here afterwards and carry on reading: http://acws-portsmouth.americascup.com/en/the-americas-cup-world-series.html

If loads of us want to go, then maybe we could arrange a coach and setup a Manor Park Day out?

Membership secretary Paul has sent an EMail out to you all today with loads of information about the event, so check your inbox again. At the bottom of that mail, there’s a big yellow button (Like the ‘Big Yellow’ watch, except that this one won’t go around your wrist or beep at you…) It says: “WE WANT TO COME!” so, if you fancy a big day out with your Manor Park SC friends whilst someone else drives, then press that button and let Paul know. YOU NEED TO BE QUICK, THOUGH, AS TICKETS ARE GOING FAST – RESPOND TO PAUL BY 9AM ON MONDAY 9TH OF MARCH. It’s possible that we may be able to make a group booking. 

If you fancy different days – or multiple days, then go buy your tickets asap – don’t forget that even your free tickets need to be booked.


Hotels are turning expensive so might be a bit far out of town now, but you may still find something here: http://uk.hotels.com/ – and if you’re quick, ‘The Red Lion Hotel’ in Fareham is currently available at a very good price!

So come and join us and foil in love with sailing! …. see what I did there? Honestly, I amaze myself sometimes I really do :-)