Look cool in your MPSC clothing.

Don’t forget that you can purchase your very own MPSC clothing from our very special partner ‘Camouflage Cow’.

There’s a whole range of items to choose from, such as Waterproof Jackets, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Polo shirts, Gilets and caps.

There are samples of many of the available items on the clothes rack in the clubhouse, so feel free to try things on for sizing ideas – but please don’t take anything home as these are Samples only that were provided to myself from Ray, the owner of Camouflage Cow.

Obviously we’ll soon be going into the Autumn season, so maybe a hoodie could be a good idea? or a T-Shirt to remind all you Juniors of your fantastic season this year?

How about simply being able to strut your funky stuff around the club in your MPSC gear? – our recent new members might want to nail your colours to the mast with a lovely Polo shirt or a cap?

All the items are embroidered to order – and can even be personalised with a name/boat name/(almost) anything you want – so I always allow up to about 10 days for delivery and Ray is always contactable if you have any queries, so why not head over to the website here: Camouflage Cow MPSC and take a look at the items for sale.



September Open Day

Only a couple of weeks away now and, as usual, we’ll be looking to sell the benefits of MPSC as a great place to come and sail, learn to sail, have a relax….. all the stuff that you already know that we’re great at.

We will, though, need a bunch of lovely people to be around to welcome people, have a bit of a chat, introduce any youngsters to our Junior sailors etc etc etc ….all the normal stuff to be honest.

A small team of people hosting this event is always great – we know where to direct people, all the info required is available etc, so if you fancy volunteering then email David Crosby at commodore@mpsc.co.uk

Of course, this can be a fairly long day – 10am to 3pm – but be prepared to be around just a little longer in case of any latecomers.

There’ll be sailing sessions, powerboat trips, tours of the club etc (Water activities subject to weather conditions of course)

It’s a really fun day to be honest, chatting with people who are interested in learning about what we do, seeing the club in action and is a brilliant opportunity to sell both the club and our sport.

So, put Saturday 2nd of September in your diary and let Dave know if you can be available to help on the day.


So, you saw and you tried…

…but where do you buy?

We had a nice turnout for our ‘Try before you buy’ session yesterday (Saturday) and, hopefully, we answered a few questions about boat suggestions, what type of boat to look for depending on what kind of sailing you’d like to do and some general questions about dinghy sailing in general.

Thanks to those that came over to take a look and big thanks to those that not only displayed their boats but also let people take trial sails out on the water to get a feel for the various different craft.

It was definitely a worthwhile initiative and certainly seemed to help those thinking of buying their first boat.

You’ll probably now have even more questions that you’ve thought of, so don’t hesitate to ask us whatever you now have rattling through your mind and we’ll try to answer and help.

One thing, though, is: “Where do I go to find boats for sale?”

Well, apart from if people have boats for sale at the club (If you do have a boat for sale, let us know and we can get a post up on here for you) the first port of call online is probably going to be here: Apollo Duck
Here you’ll find dinghies from dozens of classes, all the way from starter level right up to multi-thousand pound speed machines.
Again, if you need help with understanding which class is which, or which one might be right for you then just ask (Though if you’ve just completed your level one then perhaps the ‘International Moth’ section should be avoided – I speak from experience! 😀  )

Also, if you’re fairly sure of which class you’d like to check out, there is likely to be a class website and/or Facebook page where you’ll find owners discussions, hints and tips and, probably, boats for sale.

Don’t forget that if you do make a purchase, you’ll need to insure your boat to be able to use/store it at MPSC. Companies such as GJW Direct , Noble Marine , Insurance 4 Dinghies , Newton Crum and Bishop Skinner  all offer cover, so check them all out, check the policy cover and get insured. One tip? – look for ‘New for old’ on items such as sails and spars (Mast/boom). Whilst these policies tend to be a bit more expensive, it also means that the (possibly) most expensive parts of your craft will be covered for replacement. Particularly good when you start looking at the cost of new masts!

Hopefully we managed to help you and, fingers crossed, you were inspired to begin the process of finding your own boat.
We may well do it again if people would like to check out more dinghies (We actually have loads of different classes at MPSC) so just drop us a line or speak to myself (Lee) or Dave Crosby (Commodore) and we’ll see if we can sort another session.

It was great talking to people though and seeing the enthusiasm that our newest sailors have for the sport, so thanks for coming along – even if we did get a bit wet in those rainbursts!