Halloween Party …..

Hi All, we could still do with a few more offers of help for the following jobs for the Halloween Party:

Before Saturday 29: Emma has kindly made some Ginger cake and choc brownies for sale on the night. If there are any other bakers out there who would like to try their hand at flapjack, parkin, cupcakes, etc that we can sell that would be great.

Site prep on Saturday a.m./p.m. – Site tidy, putting out barriers to bonfire, rigging lights and generators, building pumpkin display stand, moving boats.

Coral Hookham has offered to make some Autumnal garlands to decorate the pumpkin stand in the afternoon… anyone else like to help her with that (some decorated jam-jar lanterns perhaps?) – or help decorate the Club house? Jackie Hookham has kindly offered to lead on that…

Saturday evening – from 5.30/6.00 -ish (gates open 6.30…): Anne Sturland has offered to help Sheila with serving food in the galley. We could do with two others to do food, at least one person to do hot drinks, one to do mulled wine, and maybe one to help Paul Ecclestone-Brown with the bar.

We need further offers of help to direct traffic to the car park and people to take money on the ‘entrance gate’ by the PB containers.

We need some folk to act as ‘general’ marshalls to keep a wary eye out for any excess daftness…

We need someone to volunteer to set up and run a couple of games for kids – apple bobbing, ‘flour bowl’, ‘Splat the Rat’.

Then after the party we need help to recover the generators to secure store, put away the safety boat, washing up in the galley, and have a general tidy up inside and out.

Sunday a.m. from 10.00: We’d like some help tidying up the bonfire site, dismantling fencing, litter picking, and a general tidy.

If you can help with any of these jobs can you please let me know. smile emoticon:-)

‘Many hands make light work…’🙂


Cheers, Ed

Oh who needs wind anyway?/

Well that was a bit of a laugh huh?

‘Barts Bash’ on Sunday was a total blast……Sunshine, warmth, pirates and lots of smiles and just general happy and jolliness all around the club.

We had to delay the start a bit in the hope that at least some breeze might pop up, but alas we were out of luck – but that wasn’t going to stop us was it? No siree🙂

Dave Norris set us a course that fulfilled the race-length obligations set by the Barts Bash organisers (at least 1000metres) and gave instructions that the boats had to be propelled only by the wind – or the action of the sailors.

Much pumping of sails and rocking of boats saw a fleet of about 25 boats flap their way around the course in the sunshine – including super-crew Jackie Hookham taking her first trip out in a sailing boat!

Whilst the result wasn’t really all that important, a big applause goes to Martin Zoeftig who vanquished all in his Comet – well done Martin😀

On the day we raised £165 via race entries, cake sale, Jacobs keyring sales and other donations. This was on top of magnificent fund raising by Max and Zak who had already raised £80 themselves before the big day. That brings MPSC’s total to £245

It really was a fantastic day and showed just why the club is a great place to hang out at even when the wind isn’t playing ball!

Well done to everyone on a brilliant effort and for making a special day very special indeed – here’s to next year!😀


Richard Lightwood Memorial

Next Sunday (11th September) sees our annual ‘Richard Lightwood Memorial Trophy’ race.

Richard was a fantastic supporter of young sailors, a great encourager of novices and a fantastic sailor in his own right.

This would be the perfect event for novices, new-to-racing, junior sailors to join us out on the water to celebrate the life of a remarkable man both on and off the water.

It would also be a great way to practice for the following weeks ‘Barts Bash’ event😀

So, why not come an join us on Sunday as we remember Richard in the best way we can – out on the water racing!

The day will consist of three pursuit races, best two scores to count.

The Lightwood trophy is held in high regard at MPSC and something to be very proud of if you win it.

A very special event and a very special trophy.

Come on down, make a day of it….dig out a barbecue if the weather is looking good.

Let’s mark the day with a fantastic event.