Richard Lightwood Trophy – Sunday 19th of October.

So, next Sunday (October 19th) sees MPSC’s annual ‘Richard Lightwood Memorial Trophy’ …. 3 pursuit races, 1 Trophy, 1Winner.

However, there will be some amongst us wondering why we hold this very special event.

Mention the name ‘Richard Lightwood’ amongst some of the long-standing members of Manor Park and you’d better strap yourself in for a while as you’re regaled with tale upon tale of Richard’s adventures, derring-do, extreme sporting prowess and all round good egg-ness.

A much-loved man who has been much missed since his untimely and very tragic passing.

I didn’t know Richard myself, I’ve gathered my knowledge through simple chats with people around the club – and his name simply keeps cropping up. Usually followed by a huge smile, an incredulous shake of the head…and a long wistful silence.

Richard was one of twins, his brother, Andrew had died some years earlier ( at the age of 12) whilst playing cricket for Kings Bromley. He collapsed on the field and never recovered. Tragically, a similar fate was to befall Richard, he too collapsed on the cricket field – playing for Bromley, and never recovered. Both brothers had a heart condition that proved to be fatal.

The recent “Bart’s Bash” event saw the worldwide sailing community commemorating the life of one of the UK’s top Olympic sailing stars and, in many ways, the “Richard Lightwood Memorial” event is quite similar on a more local, club-based level, think of our event as “Richard’s Race” (perhaps without the World-Record part though :-)  ) so, if you’re intrigued by all of this racing malarkey and fancy having a go, then this could be an ideal startpoint for you. It would, by all accounts, be very much enjoyed by Richard if we saw plenty of new/junior/novice racers out there taking part in this celebratory event.

Remember, the event is a ‘Pursuit’ race, so each boat starts on its own start time – so you could have the line all to yourself should you be the only boat of that class :-)

Of course, maybe you fancy crewing? – why not post something on the club facebook page? – I’ll start a ‘Richard Lightwood Memorial’ thread on there for everyone to follow / comment / appeal on.

Even if you don’t particularly fancy sailing / racing, why not come out on the race committee boat and/or patrol boats and help with the actual running of the race? This is another way to see how an event comes together and some of the technicalities involved.

So, come on down on Sunday, come and celebrate the life of a man that certainly left his mark on the club, its people and life itself……the more the merrier, veterans and beginners, young and old and, whilst entry is free, donations to be passed to the British Heart Foundation will be very welcome.

Of course, feel free to share any of your own memories of Richard either here or on the club facebook page.

Here’s to a great turnout next Sunday and a great event for all – let’s make it a good one :-D

“Breeze On!”


GP14 Open….Saturday 25th October.

MPSC will be hosting the GP14’s once again as part of the class’ ‘Midland Bell’ series.

We usually see a decent sized entry for this event which always provides some really high-quality racing from the assembled fleet.

As ever, any and all help will be gratefully received – from general ‘gophers’ to photographers & beach assistants.

These events are a great way to see what close-quarters class racing looks like and is always great to watch and be part of.

If anyone would like to help, turn up at the club from about 9am and see how you can help.

Of course, if you sail a GP14 then why not take part?

Racing itself should start at around 11am so grab a crew and get yourself onto the startline :-)



MPSC Christmas party.

We’ve had a tremendous reaction to the Christmas party invite / booking form sent out last week, with just over half of the available tickets sold already.

Remember, numbers are limited to 48 and it really has to be first come, first served due to demand so far.

We can’t ‘reserve’ any tickets on the promise of payment, again due to demand, so we will only confirm your ticket with anyone upon receipt of cheque/cash payment.

If you don’t have (or have deleted) your booking form – which includes your menu choice – then please contact Emma at and she will send a form to you for completion.

The party itself will be on the evening of December 6th and features a 3 course dinner and music/dancing courtesy of DJ Roger T

As usual, we’d like you to dress for the occasion, so consider the event in the realms of ‘Black Tie’ (Shirt & Tie, nice shoes will be ok boys) – You’ll hardly recognise anyone out of the usual Neoprene suits! :-)

Tickets are £25.00 per head, cheques made payable to Manor Park Sailing Club – or see Emma at the club next Sunday (19th October) – we’ll need both payment AND your booking/menu form in order to confirm your ticket.

Any queries, email but remember, with such limited numbers the event really has to be first come, first served.